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Our Ziptrak blinds are made with high quality Phifer fabric, hence it does not get dirty easily as microban protection is infused into the Phifer fabrics during manufacturing. It provides an exclusive microban antimicrobial protection that are produced to inhibit the growth of bacteria, molds and mildew that can cause stains, and odours. Therefore, with the benefit of microban technology, it provides your Ziptrak blind with a continuous cleanliness protection against microbes, keeping shades and blinds cleaner and fresher for longer than ever before.

We offer two varieties of Phifer fabric such as 4550 (5% openness) and 4800 (1% openness), the 5% Phifer fabrics are thinner and more lightweight as compared to the 1%. The 1% has higher weave counts, therefore lesser visibility and higher water repellent rate as compared to 5%.  They are both interior sun control fabrics that provide perfect balance of light, and comfort. Both offers a distinct two-sided appearance that maximizes both outward visibility, solar heat reduction and other more benefits.

Our fabrics are made of Phifer and Shann, hence they are not waterproof, but they are more water repellent than most loosely woven fabrics. Phifer and Shanns material are woven and have higher thread counts, therefore the more difficult it is for the moisture to penetrate the fabrics.

Yes, our Ziptrak blind are capable to operate under such weather conditions. The Geiger motors we use are imported from Germany as we believe in providing our customers with a high-end quality product that are strong and robust.

Phifer are woven from thin and light weight vinyl coated polyester yarns into a unique twill weave that allows you to have a darker color on the front and keep it light on the back and it reduces glare on the inside and rejects more heat since the lighter colors reflect more heat

Our Ziptrak motorised blinds can go up to a recommended dimension of 3500mm wide by 3500mm high. The recommended length of the Ziptrak blind varies depending on the required height of your Ziptrak blind.

We use high-end quality materials to provide our customers with wide variety of fabrics and systems. Most Ziptrak blinds today are prone to sag due to its weight of the fabric and quality of its structure, therefore we have incorporated a thick and robust aluminium structure that are strong enough to hold the weight of the fabric without causing any deficiency to the motorised Ziptrak blind. In addition, we use the latest Ziptrak spring systems to pull the fabrics along the side to prevent fabrics from sagging.

Clients can choose to visit our showroom anytime in the day or arrange for a consultation at their home, once measurements, selection of materials and fabrics are confirmed; a 50% deposit collection will be requested from us. We will then customise and manufacture your product base on your requirements in our factory in Singapore (Usually 4-7 days depending on quantity of order). Your products will then be delivered following with a free installation provided by us, once installations are completed, a remaining of 50% payment will be requested.

Warranty of our motors and systems are credible and efficient as our products are produced and manufactured at our factory based in Singapore. We provide 5 years warranty on motor and 1 year on our fabrics and materials.

All our materials are based locally in our factory in Singapore, therefore, we provide our customer with a more effective and efficient solution to their homes. Furthermore, our products are manufactured with the most robust systems such as Phifer’s and Shann fabrics and also most importantly, German engineered motors.

Our Phifer products are guaranteed to be durable, high-performance and it is ideal for heavy traffic areas and public spaces(indoor/outdoor).

We offer three type of payment methods:

  • Cash Payment
  • Cheque Payment
  • Credit Card Payment

Our systems expect to last a minimum of 15 years and above for the entire system. We import and developed the highest quality of materials such as motors and fabric to ensure our Ziptrak blinds are not just heavy duty and robust but most importantly durable.


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